Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Tamaki College Event

On Tuesday the 28th of April, the year 8’s from pt england school were able to find out information about high school or college living. We all were excited to be apart of this event because we knew that being apart of something is important and special. The very first thing that we did at Tamaki college which is down the road from our school, is meeting other schools and grabbing information about Tamaki and also finding out information about people. It was a lovely experience!

At Tamaki college, all of the schools around the school hall were splitted into groups which were named by Rata,Kowhai,Purir, and Totara. My group was Rata. I was very happy to meet some of the people in my group and also some of the teachers. My first favourite activity and teacher was Mrs Metcalfe because she teaches english and she was a very polite and hard working person to me. My second favourite activity at Tamaki college was maths with Mr Jones because we were able to play battleships which is a game that you would have to find a ship then sink. He was a math genius!

My third and last favourite activity was social studies because Me and my partner DJ were able to find answers to solve question that was our equipment. Me and her came 5th out of our group, we tried but it felt like we won. When the whole sessions were over it was time to go back to school and carry on from there. I loved Tamaki college and I hope to go there next year!

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