Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Seed

Once upon time there were two tribes that were called the Scarabs and also the Chafers that lived far away from the earth. They had a boarder that no beatles could cross or walk over befor war will begin.

One day a strange object fell from the sky. The Chafers and the Scarabs were thinking what it might be so they both sides went down to business. Each side did different working out like experiments and also sketchers. When the fould out the problem both kings said,”Pull it to our side so we could have it to ourselves”! They all said,” It was a cherry stone”.

They prepared war and fight over the cherry stone!
Both tribes were angry at each other so the declared war. They got their armour, nut shell,cannons,spears,catapults and last but not least shafts. The two tribes started to dig tunnels. Let the best one win!

When both tribes began to fight they noticed that the seed was grown into a cherry tree.
They wasted all that time making their armour and all the other stuff.
So both tribes lived in peace and lived happy ever after.

The End

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