Thursday, 13 June 2013

Madam Spry and Blue Diamonds

Title: Madam Spry and Blue Diamond

Author: Joy Cowley

Characters: Madam Spry,Alex Crabbe,Sonya Sweet,Police.

Setting: Movies,House,Building.

What was the problem?
1. A Blue Diamond Was Miss From a Movie Starring Sonya Sweet.

What was the solution?
2. Alex Crabbe Ask Madam To found The Blue Diamond.

Was there a plot twist?
3. Yes Because A man was running away from madam Spry but the Diamond had fallen out of his pocket.

My favourite part of the book ?
4. When Madam Spry saved the Blue Diamond.

If I could change the ending it would end like this?
5. Madam Spry had Lived Happily ever after and never sang Again The End.

Would I read this book again?
6. Yes Because it is Written By Joy Cowley.

Ending: It was a happy Ending Because Madam Spry Had gotten the Diamond and gave it back to Sonya Sweet In the Movies.

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