Thursday, 13 June 2013

Penguin Writing

In the cold and windy south polar seas Penguins Feed on Fish, Krill and also Squid.
They are Afraid of Seals and Whales and even their own kinds. They kill them for food or girl penguins. Penguins hurry to their babies so they could feed them. Leopard seals are really good at chasing them in water but not on land.

Emperor Penguins are like Adelie penguins because they eat the same food and they are both scared of the same animals.

Ones when they're babies are born they feed them with milk but when they are 3 months old they have to eat fish or squid.

If the baby penguin grows fast it can hunt down any kind of animal but not the animals that they are afraid of.

Mother penguins die when they are properly 92 years old or 91 years old. Father penguins die until they get killed by an animal or killed by humans as well.

During the night penguins look out for animals that are very dangerous well the baby penguins are fast asleep. If there is no penguins looking out well the baby penguins are sleeping they will die.
Seals and Whales are very hard animals to found but not hard for penguins. Penguins have really good eyesight and very good hearing as well.

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