Thursday, 11 September 2014

Managing Self Writing

Class 1 students have been focusing about management, so our task was to complete a writing about management and managing ourselves. Enjoy!

Managing yourself in class is a full task to  focus and strive to be successful. Students who manage their self independently sets for high standards and become capable learners. Resourceful, Resilient, and Reliable are the three (R) that represents management. Management for students is really important because students that focus in their learning solve strategies and enterprise there projects of skills.

Whenever you work out of class, management is still apart of your assessments. Acting independently is the way to show self motivation and management. You must always balance your learning out of class and make sure your putting an effort into it. Keeping track of your progress in your learning is a great way to manage yourself and make a great great effort.

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Hannah Armstrong said...

Hi Rebekah!
I agree, managing yourself inside and outside of class is full time task. You have to manage all of your school work to be successful. Teachers do not like it when you do not manage your time well and turn things in late. Your grade will reflect it too. That is never good! You definitely have to balance your learning too. You have to put in all your effort to make sure you are doing your work to the best of your ability.

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