Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Cross Country Writing

There I stood poised and almost ready for action. Butterflies wiggling around in my stomach!  In my mind, I was struggling to focus on the race. I wondered if I would survive?

“Who’s ready?” said Mr.Burt. As soon as Mr.Burt clapped his STARTER I ran as fast as I could. This was a big challenge for me and my muscles because I felt so weak with them running a long distance. Running fast made me exhausted so I began to speed walk.

When I reached half way one of the teachers told me to finish the race off. I began to run again because I knew that I was close to the finish line. My heart was pounding, it was trying to escape from my chest. My lungs were breaking down just as my muscles. When I finished I was so relieved that I survived.

I came 7th place! Even though I came 7th I was still a champion that day because I tried my hardest and every person that tries is always a champion! GOBSMACKING!!!!!

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