Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Camp - Willow Park

During the holiday highlights that I’ve been throw was awesome and very exciting. I had an amazing week at camp, (MONDAY - FRIDAY) and I was so excited to spend a whole week with my cousins. Camp was so fun and amazing! It was the right time for me to have a break from my family.

When I arrived at school (PT ENGLAND), I was so excited to go to willow park twice and  I was well prepared. I just wanted to scream and hurry up to leave. THRILLING! As we were leaving we had a great talk so all of our crew wouldn't be lost.

Seeing willow park still in the right shape was fantastic and very great. I still remember the first time I arrived at willow park. Playing cool games and having fun actives were so the boom! I loved that week so much! As Friday came I was so bummed and I would always say that the week was so fast.

Leaving willow park was sad but seeing my wonderful cousins were exciting as well. Willow park will always be my favourite campgrounds! I will go back next year!

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