Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Tangle Pattern Writing

On the first day of school our first task for term 4 was to create our own tangle pattern because the theme for this term was Art Attack. I was very exciting to get working hard and improving my art. My tangle pattern was personal about me drawing and how I would draw my piece.
A tangle pattern is weaved with a lot of other patterns. When the pattern has been done It looks very artistic!

How to make a tangle pattern is just by six easy steps. First step, you must always get your equipment ready and also your design.  Make sure you always have a plan before you start. Second step, make sure you take your drawing seriously because you wouldn't want people to see how bad your drawing is. Third step, always make sure your audience love your art and really admire it. Fourth step, when you're designing you must think about what you like to draw and what you don’t. Think simple and relaxing so you don’t need to stress.

Fifth step, When you're begging to draw just chill and give it your all. Drawing is hard at times but the most thing you would need to do is just have fun and draw draw draw. Sixth step, When your finish your drawing with a pencil you might just want to draw over with a felt pen.

When your tangle pattern is done you can squeeze all the bits of pieces together and that is it for your wonderful art. THE END!

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