Monday, 17 November 2014

Museum Writing 2014

“Woohoo,” I said loudly! I was very thrilled that the year 7 at Point England school were proudly invited to the Auckland city museum. My teachers were telling instructions so we couldn’t be in danger when we got there. I haven’t came to school all last week so I had to ring my parents for permission at the office.

We waited for the bus, It was pretty late but we still made it in time. 20 minutes had past and we were already sitting down waiting for what we were doing for our first activity. We had another glob of instructions and then went up stair to have our morning tea. After that our adventure with the museum started.

We all looked at maori patterns and also pacific patterns. I was amazed about underwater and also volcano eruptions. When we stood inside the volcano room it was scary but interesting at the same time. Seeing the native birds were awesome! I loved seeing the fish swimming and the lizard changing colours.

“It is time to go back to our eating area,” said Mr Barks! I was sad to leave all the awesome activity but as soon as we finish eating lunch we had one more activity. I wonder what it is? Our final activity was to find and take pictures of what was shown on a printed paper.

We took photo’s of a wonderful sculpture and also flowers, ducks,acorns, and us. It was so awesome to end our day at the amazing Auckland museum. Our adventure was over and we took the first bus to school. I really enjoyed the museum!

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