Monday, 23 February 2015

The Weekend

During my weekend It was so boring and I didn’t know what to do. My mind was blank. Meanwhile my other caregivers were out at eastern beach. I wasn’t allowed to go because no children were permitted. It was so not fear! “Lets go to church,” said my grandmother. I said yes dramatically. When we arrived there, there were so many types of food that I loved. There were veggies, chop suey, chicken, salad, donuts, and many more. It was food paradise! What is your favourite type of food?

After a few hours of eating I was stuffed and then was told to go home because there was a meeting again for parents only. I was cool with it and took a big plate of food home, I may not look fat but really I am inside. I got home and relaxed with a great show of total diva’s, I like watching this show because I like to watch wrestling! I’m a big fan. “Come let’s go out,”said my aunty! “Nah, I want to stay home,”I said. “Okay,” she replied.

As it got dark I fell asleep but then when I suddenly woke up my aunty was carrying me in her arms to my room. I accidentally slept in the living room. The End!

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