Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Waiting Recount

Waiting To Buy A Ice Block!
Did you know that it takes almost 8 or 9 minutes for me to just buy a simple ice block? Well, the reason why I have to wait for 8 or 9 minutes to buy an ice block is because the line in the diary’s or shops are very long and the shopkeepers are always on the phone. I know they're busy but at times you really need to get your customers out of the way first. “Hurry up,” said some of the customers! I was worried so then I put my ice block back and didn’t bother to buy one anymore. What is one thing that you hate about waiting?

Normally Waiting!
Normally when I have to wait for someone or something its probably when someone needs to buy new stuff or pay for something that is really important to them. It’s pretty insane because I would normally wait for a half an hour just for my aunty to buy new uniform for my cousins and when she needs to pay the bills or rent. She is a nuisance! What is one thing that you hate about waiting?

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