Monday, 17 December 2012

News Article

During 6pm my grandmother said to me,"Look 15 kids in USA were shot by a man who didn't take charge"! 

I said to my grandmother,"What did you say 15 kids got shot in USA OMG"! What a shock! That is so sad. I think that it is really disappointing! NO it is disappointing! "Ohh that's right"! said my cousin. We hope those kids rest in peace well they are in heaven.

The killer was a man who did not take charge and also did horrible things to lovely boys and girls but he shot himself so he couldn't go to jail and live his life there!! He should be very ashamed of himself for a long time!! He was so not cool because what he did to kids and also a teacher.

The teacher was very kind to the kids at school and also she would give out cake for free and make also make cupcakes for all the teachers in the school!! "Wow that is so cool"! said my grandmother! She said to me, If somebody who try's and kill you before me I will always be right beside you and also I will be the light to guide you"! I said back to my grandmother, " I will always be there for you too"!

The End  

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Christian said...

Hi Rebecca that is very sad. That man should be a shamed of himself. But things cant turn out right sometimes. But we all hope they turn out right.

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