Friday, 14 December 2012

School camp fun Summery

Siobhan is really excited because she is having her first school camp with her friends.
Her dad had to go with her to camp so that he could look after his pretty and beautiful daughter. Did you know that she was just staying for one night but she needed to take lots of stuff like togs and a towel, a sleeping bag, warm clothes, her toothbrush, a mug, a plate and last but not least a spoon?

After that when they arrived at Siobhan school they were putting up the tents and also Siobhan friends were helping her dad to put up the tents too. Siobhan had to sleep with some other three girls and also they needed someone’s mum to look after them.
Siobhan dad had to look after the other three boys so that Siobhan dad looks after the boys like the girls.

When all the gear was pack away they had some yummy lunch. Siobhan friends were so hungry they just wanted to have the food to themselves and not share to the other people. They were eating fish and chips.

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