Monday, 25 March 2013

Omaru creek testing colours

Testing Omaru Creek for - Colour

I am going to find out:
What colour the water is.

I am going to test this by:
Comparing different water samples and describing the colour.

Resources and equipment:
4 water samples from1. the culvert

2. the sea
3. the tap
4.the bidge
5. glass jars.

I predict that:
the water beside the culvert is really brown and a dark colour too.
The sea water just glows with the sun.
the tap water is just clear and a little white.
The bridge colour is the same as the culvert.

I think this because:
It’s because people treat it like a rubbish bin and sometimes like a toilet.

Results of my tests

Sea Water
Clean and clear
Tap water
nice and fresh
Omaru Creek water by culvert
brown and green water
Omaru Creek water by bridge
has a lot of dirt

My conclusion (what I found out):
The seawater is really nice and clear.
The water beside the bridge is kind of green but it still doesn’t mean that it is drity.
the culvert water is really dirty.
the tap water is the same as the sea water

Why I think this is:
The seawater is so clean and clear because there are mango’s that makes the seawater nice and fresh like the tap water. The water beside the bridge is so green because the catfish or sometimes the sun makes it green. The culvert water is so dirty because people treat it like a rubbish bin.

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