Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Testing Omaru Creek for - Turbidity

Testing Omaru Creek for - Turbidity

I am going to find out:
About Turbidity at omaru creek

I am going to test this by:
We are going to test how we can see very clearly and easily throw our 4 jar of the sea water,the culvert, the tap, and last but not least the bridge with our 4 sample.

Resources and equipment:
1. the sea
2. the culvert
3. the bridge
4. the tap
5. glass jars
6. buckets
7. string

I predict that:
Do you know what turbidity means? It means that you can see throw any thing cloudy or sometimes clearly. When room 17s literacy group went to omaru creek to get our 4 sample miss Garden teached us all about turbidity. We were seeing if we can see clearly at the words on our papers that were sized 9,12,14,and 24.

I think this because:
We are using Scientific report template so we can learn all about turbidity.
click on this like to see what turbidity means.

Results of my tests

Sea Water
24,14 I think that because they are really big and clearly to see of the sea water.
Tap water
14 I only saw 14 because it looked so easy to look at instead of 24
Omaru Creek water by culvert
I couldn’t see any number at all.
Omaru Creek water by bridge
I couldn’t see any number at all. the same as the culvert.

My conclusion (what I found out):

I found out that turbidity is not a great and really cool word.

Why I think this is:
Miss Garden my literacy teacher said.

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