Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Testing Omaru Creek for - Smell

Testing Omaru Creek for - Smell

I am going to find out:
The smell from omaru creek.

I am going to test this by:
4 samples.
1. the sea
2. the culvert
3. the tap

Resources and equipment:
4 glass jars
2 buckets
1 string
4 water samples

I predict that:
The water beside the culvert smells like a rotten egg that was suddenly tucked in the bin but nobody bothered to empty the bin.

I think this because:
I think that because the water sample smelled like rotten egg.

Results of my tests

Sea Water
Tap water
Omaru Creek water by culvert
rotten egg
Omaru Creek water by bridge

My conclusion (what I found out):
The omaru creek water smells like rotten egg and a rubbish bin.

Why I think this is:
Because room 17’s Reading group did some samples.

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