Monday, 11 May 2015

Eric Henry, Jimmy O'Dwyer Letter

NAME : Rebekah
ADDRESS: 34 Holiday Drive
DATE : 11th May 2015

Dear Eric Henry, Jimmy O’Dwyer:

Dear fellow soldier’s, thank you for fighting for us we'll war and thank you for representing our county and your own country. It was so caring for you too keep your younger siblings away from war, because you didn’t want them to be harmed and you didn’t want anything bad to happen to them. Did you struggle through war well you younger siblings were there?

Jimmy O’Dwyer, it was brainy of you too shot yourself, because you wanted to go back home and because you were tired of war. That is so very smart of you! Eric Henry, it was awesome to hear that you wanted to stay at war and also it is amazing to hear that your Cook Island, because I am Cook Island as well! It is so fantastic, that you two had become friends.

For my last paragraph, I would like to say, thank you again for what you both have done and thank you for keeping the people of  New Zealand and your own country safe. Jimmy O’Dwyer you are so smart and Eric Henry you are amazing of what you have done in war. Well done to both of you, of what you have accomplished!

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