Monday, 25 May 2015

Poetry Writing - War

Feeling sad, angry mad, working hard in storing, building supply depots and digging deep trenches. No one gets the clue, they came to war for just fighting, for that reason they weren’t thinking that war was also about storing, working, and training. Firing guns, loud tanks, dreadful noises, and people trying their hardest. 1914 past, 1915 went, 1916 and 1917 came and go, 1918 is a gonner.

Men wanted, asked, and begged to volunteer. Maori’s were angry at the pakeha care’s, they also asked to be apart of this war year. Government choices said yes! Happy, grateful, smiling, and cheers. We prayed, they prayed, everyone prayed for their movements. We trained, fired, stabbed, and damaged badly. We ran, we shouted, we saluted, and said “yes sir.” Protecting, fighting among others, crying and leaving behind. Thousands shooted, many stabbed. Many wounded, also died, sadly sick. The Dead, stuffed in the bottom of a boat, smell was strong. Finally travelling back home, the safe zone, hugging, kissing, cheers, parades, parties, and many more.

We shall remember them!

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