Thursday, 7 May 2015

My Anzac Button Letter

My task for today  was to write a letter to a person that has thought in war for us, here in New Zealand. I just need to make up a name and address and postcard for this activity. I hope you like the letter that I am writing, you have to find out who I am going to send it to, again ENJOY! This is a link to My Anzac button recording that I had found online, click to hear. LINK:

NAME: Nicky James
ADDRESS: 25A Jackson Crescent
DATE : 7th May 20115
Dear Ella Grandfather:

Thank you for going to war for us, here in New Zealand and thank you that you served us with you strength. I would like to ask, Why did you chuck your jacket at the back of your wardrobe? It was amazing, of what Ella did with your buttons. I also like to say that I appreciate what you did for us and how you served us with all your mana and kaha.

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