Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Future Aspiration Writing

Today in Pt England school, the year 7 and 8 students were talked by three famous and wise men which are named Marcus Winter, Andrew Patterson, and Louis. They all talked about what they completed and done in there childhood memories. Marcus is a sand artist, he is Maori, and he is known as the sandman. Andrew is the person who organized this for us, he is also on the radio on Sunday’s and other day’s. Louis is a fantastic basketball player and video’s himself well playing and also other famous or awesome people. I will be talking about what happened today and what we did and what they done for us.

The very first thing we did for future aspiration, Andrew had explained a couple of things we should have in mind. He said that, “Your brain grows when you're struggling.” I really thought that was false but when I researched about it I found out that it was true by science. He also talked about quotes and that we should influence the world and not be like other people or copy. We should focus on ourselves, that is the true meaning to his speech.

Second thing, It was time for one of the famous Maori artist in New Zealand. He is the Marcus Winter also known as sandman, He teached us a fantastic dance going to the song (Uptown Funk) by Bruno Mars, It was very fun. Then he talked about how he started to do art. He first started in the Otahuhu markets and made amazing paintings outside of Burger king at Queensland street. That is where Andrew had discovered him and that is how he became this amazing person. He said in his childhood, that he was a very slow writer and very slow thinker, he was always the last person to do his writing but that didn’t stop him from anything.

Lucky last, “Louis is so cute,” said my friend. I was excited to see what he did in his childhood and what he completed. Louis introduced himself and talked about himself and what he does for a living. Did you know that he was discovered by Andrew by 5 weeks earlier? He had showed  us, his basketball game from last night and said that he was very young when he started basketball. I was very inspired!

When we had finished future aspiration, me and the rest of team 5 students had sang a song to the three special men and thanked them with forgiven speeches. The were all given chocolate with cards. We were all inspired and enjoyable after that moment!

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