Wednesday, 13 May 2015

World War 1 Writing - By Rebekah And Johnlee

In world war 1 there was gas, Canada was the alone country that did not have gas mask for fighting and living. Every other county did because they had invited it by science. Back then they didn’t have planes, they had horses, for listening out for danger they had used a big and huge horn that is called a war horn. Some soldiers were forced to go back home for 3 weeks and return back.

Talking about gas, When there were no gas masks some soldier’s would die from inside their lungs well drowning with a sort of liquid. It was a global war. Britain was the most brutalised country which means not humble or respectful. They were the savager with the treaty of not kindness. Germany had been sold out by the polateshions . The thing with world war 1 is that it had become mercher and more distributed.

In the 19 century, they did not have in technology like highly loaded planes or trackers to track people that they were against and even phones for taking selfies, so they would have to travel on horses to state their marks for war. It was painful for those in the 19 century. The reason why they travelled back in planes is because they had figure out science and technology. They were impressed of what they had done to a boring piece of medal.
The reason why they made guns and all those deadly stuff is because, how would they fight, what would they use to kill or to wound people, how could they kill from far distance. They also create technology because things were hard for travelling and preparing attacks in the 19 century.  Technology helped them because of what was coming for them when they didn’t know and they also need technology because, they would have to track or hear out for danger.

Beside guns and harmful and death things, me and my partner think that they would of used metal fences in world war 1 and also rope traps to capture, not harm. We also think, that they used tracking devices on boats and ungraded tanks. What do you think technology was like in the 19 century? Please leave a comment and try to answer the question!

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Angela Moala said...

Rebekah! You and Johnlee did a wonderful job recapping the video and all the things we talked about! I would love to see you spend some time rereading what you have written (out loud if possible) before you post it to your blog. This will help you fix some of your grammar errors. Keep working hard!

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